In Wiener & Co you will experience the comfort of your brand new home, on the waterfront, in the centre of Amsterdam, on private property. A pretty nice picture, if you ask us!

In addition to the popular Prinsengracht canal and the New Prinsengracht canal, you could call the Wittenburgervaart the “Newest Prinsengracht” canal. The Wiener & Co project is situated on the former site of the Wiener & Co machine mill, right in the middle of the old port area, providing the authentic experience of living on the waterfront in the eastern part of the city centre. The old port area, where development started in 1625, is now being rediscovered by young and creative entrepreneurs. And from 2014 it will have a new purpose, as we will build 76 houses around a secluded courtyard. The plan consists of waterfront houses, penthouses, maisonettes and spacious condominiums. All of them on private property, meaning no “erfpacht” (leasehold of property, which is very common in Amsterdam). You can determine the layout of your house the way you like it. In addition to the houses, there is also room for small-scale hospitality, catering or office spaces. Because we believe that a diverse neighbourhood is a lively neighborhood!

“All houses include either a big patio, balcony or both and all the residents have access to the beautiful green secluded courtyard, a peaceful escape in the city centre!”

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